The new plans



The new plans

2020 has brought many challenges. Not only is there a determined drive from the Government for more housing for all types of people, we also face huge threats to the vitality and viability of the commercial property market.

We are absolutely determined to ensure this site delivers all that it should for Welwyn Garden City.

The Local Plan remains under huge pressure and due to the need for more homes, the Council is forced to consider building on green sites. The Wheat Quarter site can release some of this pressure and sustainably deliver more homes to support a wider range of the community than just open market sale. Our fresh commitment to a market-leading cycle hub is a great example of just one of the ways of how we propose to do this…

Benefits of the proposals:

  • Our new proposals will provide a huge boost to the socio-economic wellbeing of Welwyn Garden City. The homes to rent and homes to buy will provide much needed accommodation for a growing workforce, and, along with 250 homes for later living, will deliver a hugely valuable economic contribution to Welwyn Garden City for the long term.
  • One of the key drivers behind the updated Wheat Quarter proposals is prioritising a sustainable brownfield sites over a green field on the outskirts of the Borough. Delivering new homes in this way will protect and preserve the long standing green spaces of Welwyn Garden City and the Welwyn & Hatfield Borough. Once complete, The Wheat Quarter will have provided 1,220 new homes without affecting any existing green fields. In fact, it will have created more public realm and high quality landscaping than previously existed!
  • Given the Wheat Quarter’s proximity to the town centre, it should make a great contribution to sustainability and the environment by delivering more homes for more types of people and all with a reduced carbon footprint. We are introducing a community Cycle Hub with a range of secure cycle parking, changing facilities, lockers and maintenance facilities to try kick start a cycling revolution in Welwyn Garden City. In addition to the long-stay cycle parking for the new homes and businesses, the scheme will deliver 180 short-stay spaces and Brompton bike hire. We are also committed to delivering an electric car club to allow residents access to an electric vehicle when they can’t walk, cycle or use public transport to get to their chosen destination. The car club vehicles would also be available to the wider community. We are investing heavily in ecology and landscaping and the full re-use of the iconic Production Hall and Grain Silos. Sustainability is at the heart of our development plans, and we are so proud to have supported the first ever successful natural breeding of Peregrine Falcons in Welwyn Garden City on our Silos!
  • The new proposals maintain our previous commitment to delivering buildings for commercial, leisure and community uses on site. This will ensure the provision of real social benefits with new facilities & services for the local community in a highly sustainable, attractive and accessible location.
  • Our focus is to ensure that Welwyn Garden City will be proud of this development, and we are really excited to share these improved plans.