The new plans



The new plans

2022 has seen the Welwyn and Hatfield Local Plan come under even greater pressure from the Planning Inspector and Government to deliver much needed homes. The Council have recognised that the Wheat Quarter site can make a greater contribution than the homes consented in 2019.

We have been working on proposals for the site for many months now and most recently, scaled our plans back. We are proposing to limit the heights of the buildings to the nine storeys consented in 2019. We have also worked hard to move parking spaces out of sight and underground.

Benefits of the proposals:

Delivering on community infrastructure has always been part of our vision. Reaching an agreement with Peartree Surgery, providing space for Ignite Dance School and space for physical and mental health and well-being.

Given the Wheat Quarter’s proximity to the town centre, it must make a great contribution to sustainability and the environment by delivering more homes for more types of people and all with a reduced carbon footprint. We are introducing a community Cycle Hub with a range of secure cycle parking, changing facilities, lockers and maintenance facilities to try kick start a cycling revolution in Welwyn Garden City. In addition to the long-stay cycle parking for the new homes and businesses, the scheme will deliver 180 short-stay spaces and Brompton bike hire. We are also committed to delivering an electric car club to allow residents access to an electric vehicle when they can’t walk, cycle or use public transport to get to their chosen destination.

In recognition to our site being the home of historic Welwyn Studio between 1928 – 1950, the factory’s old boiler room will become a three-screen independent art house cinema with sofa seating, bars and food providing a unique experience.

In addition, art will play an essential part throughout the site with gallery spaces for local artists and student combining with striking public art in the public open spaces.